Martin Luther King Jr. Drive And Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19130

After many years of advocacy, fundraising and project development, Paine’s Park officially opened to the public in 2013. Since the project was first conceptualized in 2002, it has become a model for a new kind of dialogue between skateboarding, landscape architecture and city planning, where space is designed to accommodate skateboarding as an important energizing force behind the life and movement of public space.

Paine’s Park is a mixed-use public space, designed with skateboarding in mind, set along the banks of the Schuylkill River adjacent to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is the biggest skatepark in the city and is a favorite stop for touring pros and frequently hosts contests, demos and other events. Paine’s has something for everyone and includes multiple Love Park benches and even a permanent Love Park tile. On any given day you are likely to see some of Philly’s best skaters at Paine’s creating new lines and often just hanging out.


  • The City of Philadelphia
  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department
  • Philadelphia City Planning Commission
  • Philadelphia Commerce Department
  • Anthony Bracali
  • Bittenbender Construction
  • The Tony Hawk Foundation
  • The Olitsky Family Foundation
  • Visit Philly
  • PA State Representative Babette Josephs
  • State Senator Larry Farnese
  • PA State Representative Michelle Brownlee
  • Councilman Darrell Clarke
  • Philadelphia Sports Congress
  • Friday Architects/Planners
  • Grindline Skateparks
  • SkateNerd
  • Schuylkill River Development Corporation
  • The Next American City
  • Red Tettemer