Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park. 1800 Pattison Ave Under I-95 Philadelphia, PA 19145

FDR Skatepark is like nowhere else on earth. Where else can you build something yourself, tie a couple of bottle rockets to your skateboard and light up the night testing it out with a few friends? Thousands visit every year, and hundreds work to maintain it and keep adding new features to its landscape.

If you want to learn how to build concrete skateparks – bring a shovel and a strong back and ask how you can help. Volunteers are always welcome.

Location: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park, Philadelphia (below I-95)
Project Start Date: 1994
Proposed Completion/Launch Date: Ongoing
Total Cost of Project: Millions in volunteer labor and donated materials
FPSF Funding amount contributed: $5K (miniramp), $31K (Gravity Games renovations), $1K (steel sheeting for renovated halfpipe)
Other Funding Sources: City of Philadelphia, the Tony Hawk Foundation, Nike, Adio, and countless community benefits, parties, video premieres and concerts put on by locals.

FPSF would like to thank:

  • The cast of hundreds of volunteers who keep FDR operating and growing.